iPhone 6 Plus

The recent release of the iPhone 6 plus has seen higher demand than expected with punters keen to get their hands on the up sized version on offer from apple.

At 5.5 inches the iPhone 6 plus is the first phablet released by apple and is showing to be serious competition to the Samsung galaxy note. The display whilst being bigger is also a lot clearer than the iPhone 5 and bodes well when viewed in bright sunlight and at odd angles. At 1,920 x 1,080 – the pixel resolution makes for clear, crisp video viewing with the only problem posed being the lack of apps currently optimised for this size. No doubt a resolution to this will be fast coming as third party apps are optimised for the larger viewing size.

Another big advantage for the plus surrounds both the front and rear cameras. Whilst both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus offer 8 megapixel rear cameras, the plus has the addition of optical image stabilization (OIS). OIS works by moving the image sensor with you when you capture photos, which compensating for any shaking by the user when shooting. The result is images which are sharp, have less image noise and better colour.

Battery life has seen great improvement in the iPhone 6 plus, especially when the extra size is taken into account. The iPhone 6 plus is powered by the improved A8 processor and has shown to last well when used consistently throughout the day, a big improvement as any iPhone 5 users will appreciate.

Although the size may be viewed as a constraint by some, overall the phone rates highly in most areas. The increased battery life, improved camera and crystal clear display are sure to rival Samsung in the emerging phablet market.

What Is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is the latest development in Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The technology allows small to medium businesses to implement a feature rich phone system without the typical expense surrounding a traditional office telephone system.

So what is Hosted PBX? Hosted PBX utilises ‘cloud’ technology to operate your entire phone system at an external location. Your systems are hosted by your service provider eliminating costs surrounding office phone systems and maintenance whilst still providing excellent service to your business. When a call is made to your business it goes via the external ‘host’ and is redirected to your business where it is answered as normal with no discernible difference to a standard phone system. When a Hosted PBX service is used, features such as auto attendant, IVR, external call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, on hold music and announcements can be enjoyed along with a multitude of other benefits.

Apart from the above there are four main benefits of implementing a hosted PBX system;

  • Cost Savings –A Hosted PBX system is operated and maintained by your provider eliminating any ongoing maintenance fees. This along with the absence of any upfront investment in expensive phone systems provides substantial savings to any business.
  • Geographical Flexibility – As the system is virtual the geographical flexibility available to your employees becomes almost limitless. Calls can be redirected to landlines, mobiles or laptops meaning your employees can work from home, different offices, on the road and even overseas.
  • Credibility – Hosted PBX means your clients are presented with a system which emanates professionalism at a cost lower than that of a traditional PABX service.
  • Scalability – Hosted PBX systems can grow with your business, whilst you may only need 2 business lines initially Hosted PBX allows you to easily increase that number to cater to the growing needs of your business.

Hosted PBX is a feature rich, cost effective and easy solution for your business. To find out more call Enoxtel today on 1300 783 408.

Samsung S5

Samsung have released their flagship phone for 2015 the galaxy S5 and by all reports, 10 million sales indicate consumers have given it the thumbs up.

Whilst not deviating too far from what made the Samsung S4 a success there has been a number of significant improvements to the Samsung S5. The screen and camera are both stand out improvements over the S4, whilst the phone dimensions leave it 5mm taller, almost 3mm wider and 0.2mm thicker and slightly heavier all be it by a meagre 15g.

The newest features of the Samsung S5 are the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, features they could still use some work with the fingerprint scanner being slightly confusing to use on occasion.

Overall the Samsung S5 ticks all the important boxes, the improvements in the display leave you looking at a bright, beautiful screen and the 16 megapixel camera allows the user a to catch all the important moments.

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